Turkey / Istanbul

The Central Palace Hotel

The Central Palace Hotel

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Country: Turkiet – Region: Istanbul

The historical late-Ottoman style is combined with modern lifestyle and reshaped in Istanbul, at The Central Palace Hotel.

Offering the most luxurious and best rooms in Istanbul and even in Europe, The Central Palace redefines the comfort and beauty with the concept of wellness.

With our 2 Bosphorus Suites, 4 Suites, 16 special, and 33 standard hotel rooms, we aim at realizing your dreams by enabling you to enjoy extremely the warmth and comfort you seek in a hotel.

Our motto, “your dreams come true only in The Central Palace” implies the unbreakable wholeness of the highest quality, incomparable hospitality, maximum attention given to the details, and the personal care you will enjoy in every part of our hotel.

The Central Palace which leaves out the stress, weariness, and unhealty life caused by daily conditions, is a home for you where you can enjoy a healthy, peaceful, and happy life due to its genuine style.

While you will easily run your business due to the Internet access and working desk available in every room, you will also replace the daily stress and weariness with the joy of a steam bath and pressurized-water back message in your multifunctional Jacuzzi.

Due to rich food choices composed of fresh vegetables steamed in compliance with our wellness concept, you will enjoy health and pleasure together. We will be happy to entertain you in any hour you wish with colorful tastes of 55 special fruit-juice cocktails.

We will be besides you with our complete technical equipment including barcovision, interactive board, retro-projector, slide projector, flip chart, and microphone systems which can be designed according to your necessities in order to ensure that everything goes well.

You can take in the pleasure of a very special Turkish bath decorated with Ottoman motifs or get rid of the weariness of the whole day in a sauna. You may also keep your shape in the high-tech sport center where you can perform condition and weight exercises before a bath.

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